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The ASSAM Agrometeorological Operational Centre aims at providing specialized assistance to agricultural enterprises to support territorial planning and land management. The operative activity implies monitoring the main agrometeorological variables (temperature, rainfall, leaf wetness, relative humidity, etc..) by means of a network of monitoring stations spread all over the Region as well as of the phenology and of the main phytosanitary issues concerning crops such as grapevine, olive, fruits and cereals.

Moreover, to better plan crops protection, the operational centre disseminates daily weather forecasts and publishes reports on particular climate-related events.
The data of such monitoring are presented in the agrometeorological bulletin providing farmers with the most relevant technical information on the agronomic and phytosanitary measures applicable on the regional crops.


  • Weather database: daily updated, weather variables: air and soil temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, leaf soaking, global and net radiation, sunshine duration, snow cover thickness;
  • Weather forecast: long and short term regional weather forecasts;
  • Agrometeorological newsletter: provided by the Local Agrometeorological Centres for the correct crops agronomic management in compliance with the Marche Region specifications of production and integrated or biological protection.
  • Website
    • weather report, maps and diagrams on the main weather variables;
    • maps and diagrams of the hydro climate balance, of temperature and pluviometric abnormalities and of the standardized precipitation index (SPI);
    • estimation of the potential and actual evapotranspiration by crop and observatory;
    • monitoring results on main crops;
    • olives ripening index;
    • diagrams on hourly weather data to protect from Plasmopara Viticola.





Manager: Sandro Nardi
Telephone: +39 071 808334



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